Sargent Quarry is a 317-acre sand and gravel mine located four miles south of the town of Gilroy, California, west of Highway 101 in Santa Clara County and is accessed off of Old Monterey Road. It is located at the most southeastern portion of Sargent Ranch, adjacent to Highway 101.

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Sargent Quarry At-A-Glance

  • Sargent Ranch in its entirety is 6,200 acres
  • The proposed Sargent Quarry site is 317 acres, about 5 percent of the Sargent Ranch land area, located on the southeastern portion of Sargent Ranch
  • Mining would occur during a 30-year period and would be contained within a 238-acre area of the quarry site, an area about 3.8 percent of the Sargent Ranch
  • All areas disturbed during mining would be reclaimed to a condition suitable for future use
  • A Use Permit and Reclamation Plan approval is being requested from Santa Clara County
  • The mining will be done in four phases over the 30-year period with reclamation beginning at the conclusion of each phase
  • Set backs are 150 feet from all environmentally sensitive areas of Sargent Ranch
  • Over 5,800 acres (over 93.5%!) of Sargent Ranch will not be affected by mining and will be used for mitigation and conservation and on-going grazing and oil production
  • Sargent Quarry will create jobs, directly employing up to 20 full-time skilled workers, and create additional economic benefits to Santa Clara County through direct and indirect expenditures and tax revenues

Sargent Quarry is in the ideal location for a sand and gravel quarry, having no adjacent residences or other sensitive land uses, direct access to truck traffic going directly on to Highway 101, minimal environmental and visual impacts and on-site mitigation and conservation opportunities.

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