Sargent Ranch was passed down from family member to family member until the mid-1970’s when 25% was left to Shiners Hospital and the balance to CSY Sargent Ranch. By 1988, CSY Sargent Ranch controlled 100% of the property. Over the next several years, the property was sold off a little bit at a time. There were visions for the Ranch but not real plans came to fruition until Wayne Pierce got involved in 1998.

Mr. Pierce first laid out plans to create a mixed use community with a golf course on the Sargent Ranch property. Santa Clara County denied these plans and Pierce went back to the drawing board.

In 2004, Pierce began working on a new approach. He partnered with a tribal member from Amah Mutsun. According to news reports, the plans including giving the Amah Mutsun tribe 3,500 acres to build a cultural center and personal homes and lease 3,000 acres back to Pierce for further development. The “further development” was rumored to include a luxury gaming resort, sand quarry and a mixed use community although Pierce maintained that the “only consideration on the table is senior housing ranging from active adult to congregate care facilities.”

Prior to ever breaking ground on any development, Pierce filed for bankruptcy in 2010.