Sargent Ranch

Covering 6,500 acres of meadows and ranch lands in northern California just south of Gilroy, on the west side of US 101 between Castro Valley Ranch and the San Benito and Santa Cruz county lines, in Santa Clara County. Sargent Ranch has a long and detailed history. Over the years, this property has changed ownership and the visions have varied.

Current plans for Sargent Ranch

Since acquiring the majority of the Sargent Ranch property, DACA has been committed to developing a plan that will be embraced by the landowners, people in the community and the various stakeholders including the county and the state. This plan includes four distinct areas of land use.

The History of Sargent Ranch

Sargent Ranch is rich in history dating back to 1835 when German brothers, Antonio and Faustino, received the original Mexican Grant for what was known as Juristac Rancho at the time. According to historical accounts, J.P. Sargent, along with his two brothers, acquired Juristac Rancho sometime between 1850 and 1856. J.P. Sargent ran 1,200 head of cattle on Sargent Ranch and by 1862 was importing Durham and Shorthorn cattle to improve his herds.

Past projects at Sargent Ranch

Sargent Ranch was passed down from family member to family member until the mid-1970’s when 25% was left to Shiners Hospital and the balance to CSY Sargent Ranch. By 1988, CSY Sargent Ranch controlled 100% of the property. Over the next several years, the property was sold off a little bit at a time. There were visions for the Ranch but no real plans came to fruition until 1998.